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Naked Wines in San Miguel. 


Friday, February 21, 3:00 pm $50 pesos

Presentation by: Natalia López Mota, Cava Garambullo

Naked wine is wine stripped down to its basiscs - organic farming, natural yeast fermentation, made without adding or removing anything in the cellar - for Natalia it is the style of production in which she founds her real connection with science and the pleasure of working with the grape trasformation into a beverage that it doesn't just aim to be delicious, it also aim to speak without filters about the place where the grapes grow and connect people to a creative process that is all about observing, playing and understanding rhythms.  This talk includes a tasting sample of one of the delicious wines that Natalia makes at Cava Garambullo.

Natalia López Mota is a Mexican winemaker, passionate about nature, science, creativity and human perception. Natalia is a Food Chemist with a specialty in Sensorial Analysis from UNAM, with an international Master of Science degree in Enology, Viticulture and Terroir.  She recently launched with her partner their own winery, Cava Garambullo, specializing in naturally fermented wines, a space in which all their inspiration collected through the years can be translated into their own wines.

Pollenizing the Future


Saturday, February 22, 3:00 pm $50 pesos

Presentation by: Ireti Arias, AGL Lune de Miel

Learn about the beekeeping techniques that have been passed down through generations, the health benefits of consuming raw, artesanal honey and the role we can learn from bees themselves to work together for a common purpose. Samples of their honey Luna de Miel will be provided. 


Ireti Arias is a 3rd generation beekeeper from San Miguel and member of the Guanajuato Beekeepers Association promoting sustainable beekeeping practices. They work towards influencing public policy to protect the environment, promote health, and bring awareness of our role in the future. 

Cocina Libre - Open Fire Cooking


Sunday, February 23, 3:00 pm $50 pesos

Lecture by Chef Esmeralda Brinn, Querencia.

Esmeralda Brinn was born in San Miguel de Allende to a German father and a Mexican mother. She grew up in the fields with fires and always a garden or wild edible ingredients near by. 


Esmeralda has spent her adult years traveling and investigating different cultures, their kitchens and how they gather their people around the fire. She has apprenticed with the renown Mexican chef, Monica Patiño and numerous others rooted in traditional as well as contemporary Mexican cuisine.


Currently residing in San Miguel de Allende, Esmeralda is the chef owner Querencia and also heads her project Cocina Libre.


The importance of eating REAL food again.


Since industry and capitalism, we have become distanced from the fire and food in its natural state. This generates a society with mental, physical and emotional disorders that were unknown in the past. Going back to a nourishment that is organic with the space, season and geography brings a balance to us that is almost anarchic nowadays.

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