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Marsálà a restaurant that brings the character of the ingredients to some of its highest expressions on the table. Marsala is the manifesto of a philosophy of simplicity, respect for the products, their flavor and origins; unpretentious.


415 152 0080

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Mediterranean cuisine takes a leap of creativity and sophistication in San Miguel de Allende. Inspired mainly by Greek and Lebanese food, Bocaciega offers a risky proposal (since it combines with cuisines from other parts of the world), but well achieved. Cuisine that is not afraid to experiment either in flavors or presentations; but that stands out for its quality in each characteristic of the dish. Harmonious and modern place, in a warm and attentive atmosphere.

722 622 0025

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The Restaurant
The Restaurant Logo Alta Resolucion.jpg

THE RESTAURANT, housed in one of San Miguel’s most elegantly colonial settings at Sollano 16. It is located just steps away from the main square of San Miguel de Allende, the prettiest and most restored/written-about Colonial city in all of Mexico. Offering a full bar, it serves lunch and dinner six days a week in a sun-dappled eighteenth century Moroccan courtyard, as well as in their elegant dining salon.

(415) 154 7877

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Penca & Piedra
Penca y Piedra logo.png

Artisan mezcal made in San Felipe, Guanajuato. All the beverages that we produce are based on the respect and full expression of the raw material, which in case of Penca y Piedra is agave. Three different varieties of it, to be exact - Espadin, Cenizo and Salmiana. Espadin from Penca y Piedra is a noble mezcal, smooth on the palate, with light smoky notes. One of the most awarded from our distillery. We know what we do.

477 576 33 44

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El Nidal
El Nidal Logo copy.png

El Nidal was born out of pure stubbornness, the special affection we have for this extraordinary place that is Vergel de la Sierra and the passion we have for hospitality and good service. Live an unparalleled experience reconnecting with nature. We offer rooms made with recycled shipping containers. They are thermal, with reliable bathroom services, every detail of the NIDO has its use and we believe that it has everything you need to have a good time in the Sierra without feeling limited in comfort.


Wine Sponsor

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1.48.10 PM.png

We make wine for pleasure, to experiment, to have fun. This results in a product that breaks rules and pushes the boundaries of convention. Steered by empirical method and eschewing rigid controls of traditional winemaking, we preserve the integrity of every process. We make it the old way, guided by intuition and taste. This wine breaks paradigms, does not people-please, and is honest in its expression - the same qualities that we appreciate in people.

415 178 7831

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Panio Logo.png

Panio is a bakery and confectionery with more than 100 years of tradition and 3 generations of bakers. We create hand made products based on traditional French-Italian techniques and high quality ingredients taking care of every detail to provide a classic gastronomic experience, sharing our passion for bread culture. 

(415) 185 8750

Coffee Sponsor

zenteno Logo.jpeg

We are a distributor company of 100% natural coffee beans or ground, as well as products derived from it, established in the state of Guanajuato, with coffee plantations in Coatepec, Ver. Our processes are mainly oriented to satisfy the needs of franchises, cafeterias, hotels , industrial canteens and corporate offices, managing to exceed expectations in terms of quality and service.

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Zumo Global.png

Experience a Fabulous Rooftop Venue with Innovative Global Cuisine, Handcrafted Mixology and  Breathtaking Views located in the Historic City Center. We offer our clients an extraordinary lifestyle experience—cutting edge interior design, innovative cuisine and world class service. We love to create innovative seasonal menus that showcase fresh and local ingredients.


415 152 0489

Wine Sponsor

Viñedos San Lucas

Viñedos La Santísima Trinidad, Viñedos San Lucas, Viñedos San Francisco, Viñedos De Los Senderos, y ahora nuestro nuevo proyecto Viñedos Santa Catalina, son desarrollos que fusionan distintas pasiones en un solo lugar, son desarrollo principalmente inmobiliarios con áreas agrícolas compuestas de viñedos, olivos y lavanda, además de contar con hoteles boutique, restaurantes, canchas de polo, talleres de olivo, talleres de lavanda y por supuesto vinícolas.

(415) 688 2210

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"Sweet Ritual" was born from the essence of its cook Constanza's desire to Deliver healthy quality food, has discovered the perfect balance between flavor, magic, and nutrition. These handmade products, linked to the sweetness of life, are made to find happiness among those who taste them. Every product is made with ingredients of love, and hours of dedication. Among our services, we have a dessert bar, ideal for birthday parties, weddings, or any type of social gathering.

+52 415 140 1535

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Distribuidora independiente de vinos. Especialista en bodegas fenomenales de extraordinarios vinos bio, vinos biodinamicos y vinos naturales.

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BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES COLONIAL HOMES SERVICES SAN MIGUEL is a real estate company founded more than 25 years ago and is recognized for its integrity, diplomacy, knowledge, ethics and experience in all its transactions. Clients choose to work with COLONIAL HOMES SAN MIGUEL because of their extensive knowledge of the real estate market in San Miguel de Allende, it is unparalleled, they understand the value of our city, the evolving market and the dynamics of the neighborhoods. As a company with agents originally from San Miguel de Allende, he offers his clients an experienced knowledge of this city and an understanding of what makes this city so special and unique.



Our confidence allows us to be bold, creative and technically ready to transform your appearance.
We provide our clients with only the best and most exclusive products and our team is always ready to offer exceptional services ensuring and maintaining your hair in optimum condition.



The Other Side of SMA, Enjoy the Moment in the Field Finca Luna Serena is a resident olive oil producer in the San Miguel de Allende area, expert with his own Certified Olive Oil Sommelier. * Enjoy an Olive Oil tasting, a tour of the facilities and Lunch * Cooking Classes with our Chef Anthony Crisafulli * Cooking Classes with our "Cooking Together" staff * Enjoy our Pickleball courts * Monthly gastronomic events * Discover our products in our store on the farm - Infused extra virgin olive oil - Olives with fine herbs, White wine and others - Vinegars - Beauty products. Educational tours, tastings of olive oil with brunch or lunch. Cooking classes, Walking trails, pickleball courts and country stay in a country cottage.


LOGO high res.png

We are a leading events and wedding planning company located in the heart of Mexico. We take care of every aspect and moment of your wedding, including the smallest of details. 
The most important thing for us is to make the magic happen and that our clients, who choose San Miguel de Allende, or any other beautiful destination, have the best experience on their special day.
What makes us unique? With more than 15 years in the industry we offer a personalised planning and coordination experience. We are certified wedding planners and have lots of experience. 

Beatriz & Mariana

Solei Weddings & Events

Rancho del Sol Dorado logos-2.jpg

Located 10 min from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Offering a Mexican country full experience We founded Rancho del Sol Dorado 20 years ago, inspired and honoring the famous haciendas and working ranches in México. Giving you a top quality experience where the architecture, culture and nature beautifully fuse in this rustic and elegant place.

Rancho del Sol Dorado

Cañada de la Virgen (1).jpg

Somos un rancho certificado de ganado orgánico alimentado con pasto en San Miguel de Allende. Un negocio familiar sustentable que se preocupa por la conservación ambiental y por la salud y el bienestar de nuestras casi 800 reses, conformado por una comunidad binacional de rancheros y ganaderos comprometidos con la crianza respetuosa del ganado
sin caer en las prácticas nocivas de la producción industrial.

Ofrecemos carne orgánica certificada premium para consumo exclusivo en México.


Thank you for your ongoing support! 

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